Hill Country Community

Once a family farm, Setterfeld Estates is now a private, gated community within the city of  Fair Oaks Ranch

Popular with active empty nesters and retirees who value the rich heritage of the area, records show the land that is now Setterfeld Estates was first granted to Maria de Luz Guerro around 1836. Henry Saur purchased it in 1947 and for many decades the property was a farm where he and his family raised cattle, goats and sheep. Henry Saur’s children inherited the ranch and spent many happy years there.

Henry Saurs and family in 1947

Today, farming machinery used by the landowners is incorporated throughout community

Within Setterfeld Estates’ natural landscape, original Saur farming equipment provides historical influences residents appreciate building upon today.


[   CIRCA 1836   ]

The lands of present-day Setterfeld Estates were granted to Maria de Lux Guerro around the time Texas declared its independence from Mexico.

[   1880   ]

A cabin is built as the headquarters of Guerro’s ranch, although she no longer owned the property. She assigned it to two gentlemen in 1837.

[   1947   ]

Henry Saur buys the property for his family’s homestead, where they farm and raise cattle, goats and sheep.

Wilma and Betty Grosser with George, Louis and Alvin Saur

Henry Saur and George, Alvin’s brother

[   1957   ]

Henry’s son, Alvin, establishes Saur Construction, a family-run business specializing in building roads, highways and golf courses. Saur Construction is still family owned and operated today.

[   1962   ]

Alvin purchases the ranch from his father and raises his family there. In his spare time, Alvin and his wife, Clara, both upstanding members of the community, were known to make a fine agarita wine.

[   2000   ]

After Alvin passed away, his children inherited the ranch and decided more families deserve to experience the joy it had brought the Saurs.

[   PRESENT   ]

The Saur family joins with Denton Communities to create a unique neighborhood and one of the finest gated community in Fair Oaks Ranch.